An exclusive Series with Neil Bage

Behavioural Coaching
(for Financial Advisers Only)

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July 23rd
10:00 BST

What we will cover over the course of the webinar series.

Gain an understanding of the behaviours humans exhibit...

Especially in relation to money. The foundations of human behaviour and how people make decisions. This includes:

> Learning about System 1 / System 2 thinking

> Our capacity for thinking

> Processing errors (heuristics and biases)

Learn how to spot behavioural biases

Spot those biases that can harm an investor’s financial plans. Explore ten crucial behavioural biases, covering:

> What they are

> Why they matter

> How to apply the learning from them

Build behaviour into financial wellbeing conversations

Once understood, see how to apply behavioural coaching to ensure:

> Financial plans factor in behaviour

> Communications are tailored to factor in behaviour

> Steps for devising a behavioural coaching programme


About Neil Bage

Neil is the Co-Founder and Director of Behavioural Research at Be-IQ, a multi award-winning behavioural insight's company.

An engaging and dynamic Keynote speaker, Neil is a specialist on the sub-conscious behaviours that drive our decisions and bridging complex theory with real-world application. 

He works closely with some of the most influential financial brands in the world, and regularly features as a keynote speaker, focussing on the sub-conscious behaviours that impact our financial decisions. 

July 23rd
10:00 BST